Sometimes in life one comes across a true healer, and Alexandra Morris epitomizes this special human being. Whether it's her energy work, EFT, hypnotherapy or one of the many other healing modalities she employs, Alexandra’s techniques and care provide lasting change and results. Her skills as a therapist are equally matched by her depth of compassion, insight, light and wisdom. My husband and I, and now many of our friends, have experienced intense and serious healing with Alexandra.”
–  Professional Artists, Educators  & Soulmates Tracy G. & Theo L.

"Working with Alexandra has been incredibly healing for me emotionally, mentally and physically. She holds a very safe space, where I am able to clear repressed emotions. I’m able to come into better alignment with who I truly am by releasing what is no longer serving me. She has such a beautiful perspective on situations, which helps me evolve and transform beliefs that are holding me back. I am so grateful to be working with Alexandra and I would highly recommend her.”
Margot Elise, Therapy Intern

"I felt that Alexandra was personable and had a gentle approach to creating a comfortable atmosphere via Skype for our session. I thought she was wonderful in facilitating introspection in a creative manner through hypnosis. As a therapist myself, I am always open to experiencing different modalities to address personal challenges. Great experience and highly recommended"
Marie Brikka, Therapist

Alexandra has a way of identifying emotions associated with the guided imagery used in hypnotherapy, and pulls the possibilities of your subconscious into awareness so that you can better address and work with them. The meaning that Alexandra is able to elicit from a session never feels contrived and has always felt realistic, logical, and grounded.  Her professionalism, dedication to years of study, and her ability to balance the line and connect with both those who are sincerely spiritual and those (like me) who are not, make her wonderfully well rounded and able to adapt to individual needs.  Our work with Faster EFT has given me tools to better manage my daily anxiety and has helped me learn to let go of emotional baggage, all of which I wish I had done years ago.  While it still takes hard work, I am wholeheartedly convinced that the techniques Alexandra offers are significantly meaningful in how I feel today; refreshed, better able to cope with pressures from family and work, and simply happier."
– Allison W., works in International Education

"It is always a pleasure to work with Alexandra. Originally I went to her for my debilitating performance anxiety. Her warmth, attentiveness, and expertise helped me to feel at ease in her presence. Through speaking about my past experiences of embarrassing myself or feeling nervous in front of a crowd, she helped me to envision more positive outcomes, while helping to ease my nerves with her EFT tapping. The technique was practical enough for me to do on my own in times of anxiety. A single session with her changed my outlook on performing tremendously. Not only do I embrace moments to perform, I also look forward to "making mistakes" as much as I do succeeding. Thanks Alexandra!"
– Stefon, Artist

"Alexandra is very professional and intuitive with her healing approach. Her experience truly shines while she guides her client into a deeper level of awareness using hypnotherapy. Through our entire session I felt at ease- even the tone of her voice allowed me to let go of significant tension I had been holding onto. I look forward to my next session with Alexandra. Thank you!"
– Grifin