Clinical hypnotherapy is an amazing modality, which has been largely misunderstood by the mainstream. Hypnosis is not magic nor does it take away the free will of a client. A hypnotherapist helps guide a client into a deeper state of consciousness where they are able to access their subconscious mind- the storehouse of emotions, memory, and creativity.  Accessing the subconscious mind gives an individual greater insight into their thoughts, emotions and behaviors. In a deeper state of consciousness, a client is able to release outdated belief systems and patterns and imprint their subconscious with healthier programs.  



“Alexandra has a way of identifying emotions associated with the guided imagery used in hypnotherapy, and pulls the possibilities of your subconscious into awareness so that you can better address and work with them. The meaning that Alexandra is able to elicit from a session never feels contrived and has always felt realistic, logical, and grounded.  Her professionalism, dedication to years of study, and her ability to balance the line and connect with both those who are sincerely spiritual and those (like me) who are not, make her wonderfully well rounded and able to adapt to individual needs.  Our work has given me tools to better manage my daily anxiety and has helped me learn to let go of emotional baggage, all of which I wish I had done years ago.  While it still takes hard work, I am wholeheartedly convinced that the techniques Alexandra offers are significantly meaningful in how I feel today; refreshed, better able to cope with pressures from family and work, and simply happier."


 – Allison W., Educator, Hypnotherapy Client