Meridian Tapping

Meridian Tapping can help you release: anxiety · cravings · weight · creative blocks · fears · phobias · fatigue · trauma · addictions · habits · insomnia · blocks to love and much more!

“Tapping on meridians disrupts and scrambles the message within the electrical/chemical system, breaking the emotional connection by working within the mind-body system. It disrupts the stored information within the mind from reaching the body.” 
– Robert G. Smith, founder of Faster EFT

Meridian tapping involves tapping on the body’s meridians points to help release stored emotions from the body and limiting thought patterns from the conscious and subconscious mind. The act of tapping orients the body to present moment awareness, which helps to disengage the fight or flight response of the brain. This practice can literally rewire the neural pathways of the brain, causing profound changes in an individual’s life. In recent years, “neuroplasticity” has become a buzzword.  This term refers to the brain’s ability to continuously create new neural pathways and synapses as a result of thinking, emotions, changes in behavior, environment and neural processes. Meridian tapping is a tool for creating or reinforcing neural pathways in the brain that promote health, happiness and overall wellbeing. Meridian tapping is a quick and easy tool to use. Changes can occur quickly. However, persistence and commitment to this modality creates even bigger changes over time.

I have been certified through the Skills to Change Institute, and have taken Levels 1 and 2 of EFT training through EFT Universe. I utilize various forms of meridian tapping in my coaching practice.