Alexandra Morris

Alexandra Morris

The old paradigm of mainstream coaching routinely preaches “no pain, no gain.” There is an energy of pushing, of trying, of grasping, in order to attain one’s goals. This paradigm routinely relies on will power to carry coaching clients from point A to point B. This paradigm can be useful for some clients, but it often negates our emotional selves, our intuition, and our connection to the Divine. Furthermore, mainstream coaching is highly westernized, valuing individualism and competition over communalism, valuing the masculine over the feminine and valuing success over an individual’s well- being.  

When desired, I can integrate the expressive arts into a client’s session. The expressive arts include visual arts, literary arts, music, drama, dance and movement. When we express our innate creative impulse through intermodal arts, it allows us to bypass our logical, liner mind and access the rich, unconscious realm of our psyche. Similar to hypnosis, this process of bringing light to unconscious material enables us to transform our limiting thought patterns and belief systems, while facilitating a cathartic release of previously suppressed emotions.


1-hour Skype session: $110.00

90-minute Skype session: $160.00

2-hour Skype session: $200.00

OCR 1-hour: $80


90-minute Office session: $185.00

Special Package Deals

The Evolving Healer: 5 one-hour Skype sessions for $495.00

The Radiant Healer: 8 one-hour Skype sessions for $750

The Supreme Healer: 10 one-hour Skype sessions for $930.00


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So often, we emphasize the importance of “will power.” If only we could mobilize our will and focus on our goal, then surely we could achieve it. And yet, how often do we self-sabotage? Have you ever gone a new diet or exercise plan, only to give up within days of starting? Have you vowed to give up sugar, coffee, alcohol, or processed food, but the second you feel stressed or overwhelmed you reach for the chocolate chip cookie or the glass of red wine?