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The old paradigm of mainstream coaching routinely preaches “no pain, no gain.” There is an energy of pushing, of trying, of grasping, in order to attain one’s goals. This paradigm routinely relies on will power to carry coaching clients from point A to point B. This paradigm can be useful for some clients, but it often negates our emotional selves, our intuition, and our connection to the Divine. Furthermore, mainstream coaching is highly westernized, valuing individualism and competition over communalism, valuing the masculine over the feminine and valuing success over an individual’s well- being.  

 Consequently, I have looked deep within myself to create a style of coaching that does not involve “swimming against the current.” I value and embrace the wisdom in surrender, acceptance and letting go. I believe greatness resides within each and every one of us, and the task of my coaching is to help clients make contact with their inner greatness. I named my practice “Healing Light Therapy” because I associate light with awareness. It’s self-awareness that begins to liberate us from the confines of our limiting beliefs, our emotional pain, and our past traumas. The modalities I utilize- clinical hypnotherapy, meridian tapping, creative visualizations, guided meditations, and energy work- assist clients in becoming more aligned with their authentic selves.


From this paradigm, we create, we explore, we achieve and we express from our true self. Our aligned actions become energizing instead of depleting. Acceptance means releasing the need to re-create tension-holding and stress patterns, in order to meet and deal with “problems.” Letting go is a profound act, which enables us to access our inner flow. From this state of flow, previously difficult actions may become effortless.  From a relaxed state, we began to see solutions instead of limitations.


Healing Light Therapy is about transformation. It’s about waking up to your own inner beauty and resilience. It’s about discovering your hidden treasures and gems. Healing Light Therapy is ever-changing, ever-growing and ever-evolving, as I more fully embrace the balance between masculine and feminine, individualism and communalism, rationality and intuition, science and spirituality. I look forward to serving you.

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