Alexandra Morris

Hello! My name is Alexandra Morris, otherwise known as Xan, and I am the proud owner of Healing Light Therapy. I have a passion for helping people find greater happiness, peace, health and overall abundance in their lives. I specialize in several mind-body modalities, including creative visualization, clinical hypnosis, meridian tapping, positive affirmations, and guided meditations. I work with clients via Skype and in my Marin County office. I’m currently getting my Masters in Counseling Psychology with an Emphasis in Expressive Arts Therapy at the California Institute for Integral Studies. I’ve received training, certifications and degrees from various institutions, including: UCLA, UCLA Extension, UC Berkeley Extension, The Hypnotherapy Training Institute, the Skills to Change Institute, the Silva Method and EFT Universe.

I work with an array of issues and topics, including:

  • - Fear of public speaking
  • - Overcoming food cravings
  • - Managing stress
  • - Healing painful childhood memories
  • - Releasing self –defeating thoughts patterns
  • - Releasing stagnant and repressed emotions
  • - Attracting more abundance into one’s life
  • - Releasing “love blocks” in order to attract an ideal partner or Soulmate into one’s life
  • - Utilizing mind-body techniques for neurological syndromes/diseases